About us

Team KP cycling was formed on 4th August 2016 by two friends and their families. It is a new team, but it’s members are skilled riders who are keen on cycling. The blood and cycling is circulating in our vains.

It is not only about a sport, it is also about a beautiful nature and time spent with friends. Moreover, the races in our country are diversification of our cycling and family life. Primarily, the amazing atmosphere during competitions and also the feelings when you finish a race. It does not matter whether you finish on 200th or on 38th place, but the result is a mirror of your effort you spent.
Generally cycling offers new opportunities, skills and beauty of our country. Each race is different and you can compare your shape with others.

Our goal is to present this type of sport and try to motivate young generations to spend their free time outside in nature with real friends. Because in this hasty times, people spend a lot of time with PC, Television and chatting on social networks with virtual friends. Besides, the young generation have obesity tendencies and they are clumsy in sports.

Moreover we would like to attend an interesting competitions and enjoy every moment that cycling offers. Our personal goal is to try one or more stages of Tour de France and feel suffering that professional riders can feel for 3 weeks. We will definitely inform you on our website.